Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Douglas W. DeWolf, DVM<br />Practice Owner photo

Douglas W. DeWolf, DVM
Practice Owner

Dr. DeWolf has worked in veterinary medicine for over 25 years. He has owned Parkview Animal Hospital since 2000. He grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa, raising hogs and feed cattle. He has always had an interest in caring for animals. In his free time, you will likely find him performing for the community theater, church choir and cheering on Iowa State University. He currently has one pet at home, a Coonhound named Sadie Grace. He currently has one dog, a Coonhound named Sadie Grace, and one cat named Bruce.


Oleo </br> The Boss Lady photo

The Boss Lady

Oleo likes to observe and be sure that everyone does their job. She will also be the first to let you know if her needs have not been met. If she can see the bottom of the bowl you better be ready for a reprimand.

Mr. Velvet </br> The Lazy One photo

Mr. Velvet
The Lazy One

Mr. Velvet is likely found in his bed or at a sink encouraging whoever walks by to turn on the water, because water in a bowl is just not his style.

Terri<br />Clinic Manager<br>Veterinarian's Assistant  photo

Clinic Manager
Veterinarian's Assistant

Terri has worked in veterinary medicine for over 10 years. She has been with Parkview Animal Hospital since 2015. She has had a love for animals for as long as she can remember. In her free time, you will find her outside with her friends, family, and pets. Currently, Terri has 2 Dutch rabbits, Tink and Peri; 3 cats, Yitti, Vermeer, and Virgil Eugene; 2 dogs, a German Shepherd Dog, Koko, and a Pitsky, Chicken Wing.


A Haon<br>The Troublemaker  photo

A Haon
The Troublemaker

A Haon is the slightly overweight kitten with one eye. His hobbies include tormenting his brother and sister and lounging in the sun. Even though he is the naughty one, he takes his job of comforting patients after surgery very seriously. He is a very empathetic and compassionate assistant.

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